About Me

Skilled Virtual Assistance Professional with Customer Support Experience

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I spent my childhood in Barcelona, but I live in Tokyo. I have learnt from both places and acquired the best of both cultures. The attention to detail, organization, hard work, and politeness of Japan, meets the friendliness, flexibility, and approachability of Spain.

My experience in this sector includes one year as customer service personal for Sitel Group, a global leading company in CX management with more than 100.000 people in over 29 countries. I have furthered my education as a virtual assistant with some courses like:

  • Must-Have Skills and Training for Virtual Assistants, by Erin Booth (Udemy)

  • E-Marketing Course by the University of California (Coursera)​

  • Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content by the University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

  • Other courses about Social Media and Time Management (Domestika)

Organized and Efficient

Thais is a very committed, hard-working, and detail-oriented person. She has great organizing abilities that translate into well-structured work, but at the same time, she adapts to unexpected events and leaves the door open to change. 

José Carlos, Y.

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